Zimbabwe Cabinet minister Edgar Tekere, who is charged with the murder of a white farmer, was released from prison today on $81,000 bail following assurance by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe that Tekere would stand trial.

At the request of Deputy Attorney Gerneral Christopher Glaum, the judge also imposed five restrictions on Tekere while awaiting trail. He must surrender his passposrt, remain within a 12-mile radius of Salisbury Central Post Office, not possess a firearm or explosive, and must not communicate with any state witness or with the press.

The judge ordered that the bail for Tekere -- who minister of manpower development and planning -- not come from government funds.

Glaum said the state did not oppose Tekere's second bail application today because of Mugabe's oral pledge, and because police investigations have progressed to the point that Tekere could not interfer with them.

Tekere's first attempt to obtain release on bail was refused Aug. 7 because the judge feared he would not appear for his trial or might interfere with police investigations.

Glaum told the judge that he would not oppose Tekere's release today because he was "very conscious of the fact that Minister holds high office in government and in his own party and holds the respect of and loyalty of large numbers of persons, many of whom are armed."

He also asked that the minster's movements not be restricted so Tekere could carry out his functions as minister "until such time as he is relieved of his duties should that ever come about."

Tekere was released from Chikurubi maximum-security prison this afternoon. Seven other men who have also been charged with the killing are still in jail. s

Meanwhile, former prime minister Ian Smith today denied that he or his party had been involved with any pland for a coup against Mugabe. He was replying in Parliament to statements by information Minister Natan Shamuyarira last week attacking former Army commander Lt. Gen. Peter Walls for his alleged involvement in a coup conspiracy and intimating that other whites were also implicated in the alleged plot.