A lawyer who has a diary purportedly written by Arthur H. Bremer, convicted of shooting former Alabama governor George C. Wallace, today was served with a subpoena to appear in Baltimore federal court on Tuesday with the document.

Jack McManus said the subpoena orders him to bring any papers believed to have been written by Bremer that are in his possession or under his control.

The subpoena does not specify the type of proceeding to be held, but McManus said the FBI informed him that a grand jury has been convened in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, Bremer's former lawyer, Benjamin Lipsitz of Baltimore, questioned the right of McManus and the man who found the 148-page document to keep it. Lipsitz said McManus "had better be careful" if he proceeds with his announced intention to publish the purported Bremer diary.

McManus said the document should be considered abandoned property and therefore belongs to construction worker Sherman R. Griffin, who found the diary Tuesday while working on the reconstruction of a viaduct in Milwaukee.

But Bremer's mother, Sylvia, told a Milwaukee newspaper that "Arthur has his name" on the diary, making it his property.

William Bremer said he doesn't know why Griffin should have his son's diary. "If he had turned it over to us," Bremer said, "we would have given him a considerable award. It's my boy's property, and therefore my property."