Area: The West Bank is 1.4 million acres, or 2,200 square miles, about one-fourth the size of Israel. It stretches 80 miles from Jenin in the north to below Hebron in the south. Shaped like a kidney, slightly larger than Delaware, the West Bank begins at the Jordan River and rises westward across a broad mountain range toward the Mediterranean Sea as much as 34 miles from the river. If superimposed on Washington, with Jerusalem centered on the Federal Triangle, the West Bank would stretch to La Plata, Md., on the south and almost to the Pennsylvania border on the north.

Altitude: ranges from 3,000-foot mountains in the north to 690 feet below sea level along the Dead Sea.

Area used for agriculture: 950,000 acres.

Arab population: 720,000 plus 100,000 Arabs in East Jerusalem, which Israel declared annexed in 1967.

Arab cities and towns: 25 (of which largest are Nablus, 45,000; Hebron, 40,000; Ramallah-Al Bierra, 25,000). There are also 324 Arab villages.

Israeli settlements: 72 (operating, under construction or approved by the government, excluding East Jerusalem).

Jewish civilian settlers: 14,000 (plus 54,000 in six East Jerusalem suburban settlements).

Settlement land: 28,000 acres (plus 3,600 acres in East Jerusalem).

Israeli-controlled land: 375,000 acres or about 27 percent of total West Bank area (bought, expropriated, or otherwise seized for civilian and military purposes since 1967).