Bill Moyers of the Public Broadcasting Service will moderate Sunday's presidential debate in Baltimore, the sponsoring League of Women Voters announced yesterday.

The six questioners, each of whom will ask one question during the hour-long program, will be Charles Corddry, reporter for the Baltimore Sun; Soma Golden, editorial writer of The New York Times; syndicated columnist Daniel Greenberg; Carol Loomis, board of editors of Fortune magazine; Lee May, reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and Jane Bryant Quinn, columnist for Newsweek magazine.

Meanwhile, ABC News formally announced yesterday that it had decided not to broadcast live Sunday night's debate between Ronald Reagan and John B. Anderson. Both CBS and NBC will give the debate live coverage at 10 p.m. Sunday.

According to a network official, ABC concluded that the two-candidate debate was not the sort of major news event that would justify interrupting normal programming for live coverage. The executive insisted that commercial considerations played no role in ABC's decision, noting that the network stood to make large profits from "Midnight Express," the movie it plans to show Sunday night, no matter when it was shown.

ABC plans to broadcast extensive excerpts from the debate and then analyze it with a panel of political journalists in a special broadcast beginning at 11 p.m.