If you are overwhelmed by the government and alcoholism, prepare yourself to see Washington move into yet another already crowded field -- aging.

Of course nothing these days happens without a White House conference, and how can you have one of those without committees? Enter something called "The White House conference on Aging Technical Committee" which, if you can follow this, was established "to provide scientific and technical advice and recommendations to the National Advisory Committee of the 1981 White House Conference on Aging and to the executive director" of the conference itself.

That's according to the Sept. 17 Federal Register (page 61792), which carries two notices of technical committee meetings, one held Sept. 24, in New York and another set for here in Washington tomorrow.

The session in New York, which we missed, was on "creating an age integrated society -- implications for the media," which was added reason for us to be there. As billed in the Register, three "specialists in the area of media portrayal" gave "summary reports of their findings with regard to available background materials on older people and the media."

Tomorrow the technical committee "will review a draft of Section A of the committee's work outline" and the session will be open "for public observation," Room 5542, North Building of the Department of Health and Human Services.

As I understand it, the technical committee will give its advice and recommendation to the national advisory committee and the latter group will produce documents that will be used at the conference, itself.

You need all this planning because in 1981 10 years will have passed since the last White House Conference on Aging.