Syria urged the General Assembly yesterday to throw Israel out, but Arab, American and Israeli diplomats gave the effort little chance.

President Carter said such an action could jeopardize future U.S. participation in the United Nations.

In an address to the 35th session of the U.N. General Assembly, Syrian Foreign Minister Abdul Halim Khaddam urged the body "to reconsider Israel's membership in this international organization because in this international organization because it has constantly and systematically and obstinately been flouting the decisions of this assembly and organization."

Khaddam said the assembly must act since the United States has succeeded in "paralyzing the Security Council through the abuse of the right of veto."

Complete expulsion from the United Nations would require action by the 15-member States can block such a move. Procedural issues, such as approval of credentials, can be decided by a simple majority in the assembly, where each country has a vote.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, about 40,000 Israelis marched through the city, turnangi a holiday tradition into a demonstration of Israel's determination to keep control of the disputed city.

The march, which commemorates the ancient Israelites' journey through the promised land, was specially ordered this year in response to international condemnation of Israeli plans to make the city, including the Arab sector captured in 1967, the permanent capital.