Poland's Communist Party called yesterday for a purge of its Central Committee, saying members responsible for bringing the country to the "verge of catastrophe" during the summer's strikes should be punished "without emotion but without leniency."

More than two dozen party members delivered bitter attacks, some highly personal, at a weekend meeting of the committee, the Polish news agency PAP said. The meeting was to assess the state of the nation following the nationwide strikes and the situation that led to the workers' rebellion.

The PAP said Tadeusz Grabski, the new Central Committee secretary and a vice premier, called for expulsion of six central committee members, including former Premier Edward Babiuch, an associated of former party leader Edwward Gierek.

Meanwhile, Poland's new Communist Party learder Stanislaw Kania was criticized for a "lack of precision" about government corruption and proposed economoc reforms at the Central Committee meeting.

"There was a lack of percision about who abused his job for private profits," said Stanislaw Miskiewicz, a worker at the Szczecin shipyard and a committee member, referring to Kania's speech to the committee concering the state of the nation and corruption under Gierek.

Many liberal members also said Kania's speech did not go far enough in outlining specific economic reforms for the country.