Here are more excerpts from the diary John Anderson kept as a 10-year-old boy:

Sunday May 22, 1932

This has been a most wonderful day. Just grand weather I attended Sunday School. And in the afternoon I took a walk with my brother and sister to Mr. Tegtman's [a neighbor's] farm. Then about 4 o'clock I went to wonderful lake and had a very enjoyable day.

Monday May 23 1932

This has been a very nice day Mother said it was a wonderful washday I went to school and enjoyed it very much I played ball with the boys after school hours I went to the library this evening

Thursday May 26 1932

This has been a very wet and rainy day.It has rained several times today I went to school. After school this afternoon I was peddling sale bills for my dad and was bitten by a mean dog. So I had to go to Dr. Miller.Mother put hot applications on my arm so I hope it will soon be well.

Tuesday, [June] 14, 1932

Today it was very cloudy in the morning and rained several times I went to Chichago[sic] and had a very good time I rode on moving stairs and then had a peach alamode and a glass of milk in a drug store for my lunch.

Sunday June 19, 1932

Today was a nice day, quite warm. Today was Father's Day. We gave dad a necktie and a pair of hose. I went to Rockford for dinner at my aunt's my little cousin Connie who is a little over one year old was there with her father and mother and we had fun taking care of her.

Monday June 27, 1932

Today was a nice day, quite warm. This morning mother washed. This afternoon I went fishing. We had a apple fight and a water fight. It is cooler this evening. My cosmos plants are growing fine. Billy rode to the creamery with Jim T.

Friday July 1 1932

Today was a nice day it turned quite cool. Franklin D. Roosvelt [sic] was chosen nomiee [sic] as President. Today dad had a dollar day and I was up to the store in the afternoon.

Monday July 4 1932

Today was very cool and very cloudy it cleared up in the afternoon. I was in Rockford up at Aunt Jennie's. I shot off some firecrackers in the morning (10 flashcrackers and 50 Chinese crackers) I burnt my fingers shooting a firecrack. I went to the Swedish Free Church Sunday School picnic with my relations. And I had a fine time, seeing all my old friends.

Wednesday July 6 1932

Today it will cost 3 cents to send a letter a cent more than we used to pay, (2 cents). . . .

Thursday July 14, 1932

Today was a very nice day very hot. It was so hot that we couldn't sleep all night.I went to the Fireman's Festival with Bill we ride on the ferris wheel I gave Bill my nickel so he could ride on the merry go round.

Friday July 15 1932

Today was very nice day. The hottest in these 3 hot days. Today Bill was sick again. Tonight we went to Zion City to see a drama about Daniel it was very wonderful I shall never forget it. Bill stayed home with Mrs Miller

Monday July 25, 1932

Today was nice but hot as usual. I did not have anything to do. I asked mother what to do she said make a playfarm I had a house corncrib watertank barley field and lots of stuff I had a good time playing farm.

Tuesday September 13 1932

Today was nice and sunshine and warm. Though we had a storm this afternoon. Today we settled down to work in school. I brought all my school supplies to school this morning. I have a swell teacher.