PRINCE GEORGE'S BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT1 21 of 21 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Doris A. Eugene*(COLUMN)9,849 Paul Ducan(COLUMN)6,001(END TABLE) DISTRICT3 15 of 15 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Catherine M. Burch(COLUMN)6,423 Malinda Genevia Miles(COLUMN)4,890(END TABLE) DISTRICT4 18 of 18 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Susan B. Bieniasz(COLUMN)6,996 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT6 13 of 13 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Bonnie F. Johns(COLUMN)3,523 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT7 11 of 11 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes JoAnn T. Bell(COLUMN)5,343 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT9 18 of 18 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Norman H. Saunders*(COLUMN)10,555 Mary M.D. Touchstone(COLUMN)7,363(END TABLE) LOCAL REFRENDUM QUESTIONS 150 of 150 precincts reported (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*2A -- ROAD BONDS For(COLUMN)96,059 Against(COLUMN)24,130 *2*B -- BUS MASS TRANSIT BONDS For(COLUMN)98,243 Against(COLUMN)23,930 *2*C -- FOREIGN TRADE ZONE IMPROVEMENT BONDS For(COLUMN)81,640 Against(COLUMN)38,489 *2*D -- OXON HILL POLICE STATION BONDS For(COLUMN)81,640 Against(COLUMN)30,144 *2*E -- VEHICLE MAINTENANCE FACILITY BONDS For(COLUMN)65,546 Against(COLUMN)46,690 *2*F -- PARKING FACILITY BONDS For(COLUMN)75,691 Against(COLUMN)38,371(END TABLE) PROPOSED CHARTER AMMENDMENTS (TABLE) 02,08 *2* G -- BONDING AUTHORITY For(COLUMN)82,118 Against(COLUMN)22,481 *2* H -- NEWSPAPERS OF RECORD For(COLUMN)84,005 Against(COLUMN)18,958 *2*I -- APPOINTED DEPUTY CHIEFS For(COLUMN)54,184 Against(COLUMN)50,030 *2*J -- COUNTY EXECUTIVE BUDGET HEARINGS For(COLUMN)83,273 Against(COLUMN)31,201 *2*K -- COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)64,719 Against(COLUMN)56,354 *2*L -- COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)25,718 Against(COLUMN)86,578 *2*M -- COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)36,293 Against(COLUMN)77,360 *2*N -- BINDING ARBITRATION For(COLUMN)83,816 Against(COLUMN)41,939(END TABLE)