PRINCE GEORGE'S BOARD OF EDUCATION DISTRICT 1 21 of 21 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Doris A. Eugene*(COLUMN)9,849 Paul Duncan(COLUMN)6,001(END TABLE) DISTRICT 3 15 of 15 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Catherine M. Burch(COLUMN)6,423 Malinda Genevia Miles(COLUMN)4,890(END TABLE) DISTRICT 4 18 of 18 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Susan B. Bieniasz(COLUMN)6,996 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT 6 13 of 13 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Bonnie F. Johns(COLUMN)3,523 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT 7 11 of 11 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes JoAnn T. Bell(COLUMN)5,343 Unopposed(END TABLE) DISTRICT 9 18 of 18 precincts reported (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Norman H. Saunders*(COLUMN)10,555 Mary M. D. Touchstone(COLUMN)7,363(END TABLE) LOCAL REFERENDUM QUESTIONS 150 of 150 precincts reported (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*A--ROAD BONDS For(COLUMN)96,059 Against(COLUMN)24,130(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*B--BUS MASS TRANSIT BONDS For(COLUMN)98,243 Against(COLUMN)23,930(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*C--FOREIGN TRADE ZONE *2*IMPROVEMENT BONDS For(COLUMN)71,998 Against(COLUMN)38,489(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*D--OXON HILL *2*POLICE STATION BONDS For(COLUMN)81,640 Against(COLUMN)30,144(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*E--VEHICLE MAINTENANCE *2*FACILITY BONDS For(COLUMN)65,546 Against(COLUMN)46,690(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*F--PARKING FACILITY BONDS For(COLUMN)75,691 Against(COLUMN)38,371(END TABLE) PROPOSED CHARTER AMENDMENTS (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*G--BONDING AUTHORITY For(COLUMN)82,118 Against(COLUMN)22,481(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*H--NEWSPAPERS OF RECORD For(COLUMN)84,005 Against(COLUMN)18,958(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*I--APPOINTED DEPUTY CHIEFS For(COLUMN)54,184 Against(COLUMN)50,030(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*J--COUNTY EXECUTIVE *2*BUDGET HEARINGS For(COLUMN)83,273 Against(COLUMN)31,201(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*K--COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)64,719 Against(COLUMN)56,354(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*L--COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)25,718 Against(COLUMN)86,578(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*M--COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS For(COLUMN)36,293 Against(COLUMN)77,360(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*N--BINDING ARBITRATION For(COLUMN)83,816 Against(COLUMN)41,939(END TABLE)