DISTRICT 137 of 137 precincts reported CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE (Two Elected) (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes John Ray(D)(COLUMN)101,650 Jerry A. Moore*(R)(COLUMN)48,981 Charles I. Cassell(S)(COLUMN)14,458 Charlotte R. Holmes(I)(COLUMN)14,247 Joel Garner(I)(COLUMN)12,037 Maurice Jackson(I)(COLUMN)7,773 Glenn B. White (SW)(COLUMN)2,893(END TABLE) WARD TWO (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes John A. Wilson*(D)(COLUMN)12,072 Ann Kelsey Marshall(R)(COLUMN)3,271(END TABLE) WARD FOUR (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Charlene Drew Jarvis*(D)(COLUMN)20,127 Isreal Lopez(R)(COLUMN)1,297(END TABLE) WARD SEVEN (TABLE) Candidates(COLUMN)Total Votes H. R. Crawford(D)(COLUMN)14,518 John West(R)(COLUMN)1,006 Maryland D. Kemp(i)(COLUMN)910 Durand A. Ford(I)(COLUMN)628(END TABLE) WARD EIGHT (TABLE) Candidate(COLUMN)Total Votes Wilhelmina J. Rolark*(D)(COLUMN)8,596 Leon F. Parks(R)(COLUMN)268 Kellis Sylvester(I)(COLUMN)237 Leona Redmond(I)$165(END TABLE) *-incumbent; D-Democrat, R-Republican, S-D.C. Statehood, I-Independent, SW-Socialist Workers Party. GAMBLING INITIATIVE 137 of 137 precints reported (TABLE) 02,09,08 For(COLUMN)99,316 Against(COLUMN)56,446(END TABLE) (TABLE) 02,09,08 *2*STATEHOOD INITIATIVE For(COLUMN)85,487 Against(COLUMN)57,580(END TABLE)