An Army captain accused of seducing three enlisted women and planning sexual blackmail has been sentenced to a year's hard labor after conviction on eight of 13 charges.

Capt. Roy L. Eckrote, until recently operations officer of Company C, 9th Aviation Battalion, pleaded guilty to three other charges and was acquitted on two.

A court-martial convicted Eckrote of charges that included conduct unbecomming an officer, adultery, solicitation and attempting to arrange the sexual blackmail of a commanding officer.

Col. John P. Cooper, president of the court, sentenced Eckrote to a year's confinement at hard labor, followed by dismissal. Eckrote could have faced penalties as harsh as seven years hard labor plus forfeiture of pay and allowances.

Army prosecutors contended an "all-consuming sexual greed" led Eckrote to establish a sexual relationship with a female private, then pressure her to furnish other partners from company enlisted women.

Army regulations forbid fraternization between officers and enlisted women under their command. Adultery is a criminal charge in the Army because an officer has the authority to make his subordinates do what he wants.

Eckrote had pleaded guilty to charges of having sexual intercourse with two enlisted women in his company and of sharing a "group sex" experience with a male warrant officer and an enlisted woman in the same company.