President-elect Ronald Reagan went horseback-riding and cleared riding trails on his ranch in the California hills today.

He expected no visitors or telephone calls as he began a vacation that will last until he returns to his Los Angeles house Friday, said David Prosperi, a spokesman.

Reagan rode a horse named Little Man; Nancy rode No Strings, Prosperi said.

Prosperi said Reagan later cleared trials with a friend, Barney Barnett, who helped with security when Reagan was governor.

Two members of Reagan's personal staff, David Fisher and Dennis Le Blanc, visited the secluded ranch briefly this morning, as they plan to do each day of Reagan's vacation, Prosperi said.

The Reagan Transition Committee formally announced today the formation of a committee chaired by Los Angeles attorney William French Smith to make recommendations for Cabinet and sub-cabinet appointments.

The committee is made up primarily of longtime Reagan associates, including several key figures in the 1980 campaign.

Its members are businessmen Alfred Bloomingdale, Justin Dart and W. Glenn Campbell; Theodore Cummings, financial chairman of the Reagan campaign; and Reagan friends and associates Jacqueline Hume, Michael Deaver, Earl Jorgensen, Daniel Terra, Holmes Tuttle, Charles Wick, William Wilson, Jack Wrather, William Casey, Edwin Meese, Sen. Paul Laxalt (R-Nev.) and former Cabinet officers William Simon and Caspar Weinberger.