A 1978 murder in Raleigh, N.C., and a string of unsolved robberies in the Raleigh area led to the arrest last weekend of five persons in Alexandria in connection with the crimes, Alexandria police reported yesterday.

Saturday afternoon dozens of Alexandria police officers surrounded two apartments in the Four Mile Run section of the city and arrested one man on a murder charge. The suspect, Wilbert L. Evans, 34, had once told a friend he would never be "taken alive," according to sources.

Four other persons were arrested in connection with a string of robberies of convenience stores in the Raleigh area.

During the search of one apartment on Saturday, police found a suspect hiding inside a laundry bag placed in the corner of a closet. A police officier kicked the bag to make sure it was empty, and heard a groan, a source said. The bag's occupant was arrested without incident.

Evans is charged in North Carolina with murder and robbery in the slaying on Sept. 3, 1978, of Alton J. Collins, 34, who was shot once in the chest in Raleigh after a high-stakes card game, according to a North Carolina police official.

Alexandria police, including shotgun-toting members of the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) squad, arrested Evans at his apartment at 627 Notabene Dr., Alexandria, Saturday morning without incident as he returned from a Friday night party, police said.

According to sources, Evans and several other persons are suspected of having regularly traveled from Alexandria to Raleigh to rob stores there.

Arrested on robbery charges were Clifton Rudolph (Blood) Taylor, 40, and Yvette Roone, 19, both of whom live at 3906 Old Dominion Blvd., Alexandria. A law enforcement source said Taylor was found hiding in a laundry bag.

Arrested at the same address and charged with robbery was Herman Milton (Skeeter) Everette Jr., a welder, of 743 Fairmont St. NW. Charges against a fifth person, a woman, were dropped by local police at the request of North Carolina officials.

Evans waived an extradition hearing in Alexandria General District Court on Monday and has been returned to Releigh, official said.

Taylor and Everette are being held in the Alexandria jail in lieu of $25,000 bond each. Boone is being held on a $3,000 bond. Extradition hearings for all three are scheduled for Dec. 5.