An ambassadorship -- either to the United States or to Israel -- reportedly will be offered to outgoing Sen. Jacob Javits (R-N.Y.). The Chicago Tribune quoted Republican sources as saying that the matter has been discussed by members of President-elect Ronald Reagan's transition team and Javits' staff, and that, although no firm offer has yet been made, the Reagan camp has decided to offer a post to Javits.

Javits, 76, finished third in the Nov. 4 Senate election in New York, behind Republican Alfonse D'Amato and Democrat Elizabeth Holtzman, after being defeated by D'Amato in the GOP primary and running in the general election on the Liberal Party ticket. Javits has a liberal voting record, but he endorsed Reagan and appeared with him in New York during the campaign.

If Javits is the choice for ambassador to Israel, it could be a sore disappointment for defeated Sen. Richard Stone (D-Fla.), who has been telling associates there's a good possibility he'll be offered the job. Or, if not that post, maybe deputy secretary of state, especially if George P. Shultz is tapped for secretary. Stone is said to believe that the Israelis, nervous about Shultz's Bechtel Corp. connections, would be reassured by someone of his ethnic lineage.