President-elect Ronald Reagan said today he continues to favor decontrol of oil and gas prices and any other measures that will stimulate domestic production.

Reagan has dismissed arguments that decontrol can add inflationary pressure to the economy and that energy conservation should be the top priority in meeting the energy crisis.

Just before climbing into a Marine Corps helicopter to fly to his ranch for the Thanksgiving holiday, Reagan said he favors any action "to increase domestic supplies of energy instead of continuing foreign dependence and thinking we can meet the problem just by conservation.

"By conservation means, we'll all be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter."

Reagan said he is "in great agreement" with much of the report of his energy task force headed by Houston oilman Michael Halbouty. The task force report stresses that production, not conservation, is the solution to the energy crisis.

"We reject the notion that the energy dilemma can be solved only by halting the use of energy," it said in its report to Reagan. It urged accelerated development of nuclear energy as well as oil and gas.

Reagan has no official meetings scheduled during the next three days, which he will spend at his 688-acre ranch in the hills above Santa Barbara. Asked if he would do any work, Reagan replied: "Oh, sure."

But he made it clear he did not mean work on forming his administration or setting its policies. "I think I'll be doing work on the brush and the woodpile," Reagan said.