Two nuclear industry representatives were under consideration for the Reagan transition team at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but were withdrawn after the names raised eyebrows -- and questions about conflicts of interest -- at the NRC, sources at the agency say.

Richard t. Kennedy, a former NRC commissioner who has served as a consultant to International Energy Associates, a Washington-based firm that does work for the nuclear power industry, had been named to head the NRC transition team before the conflict issue arose last week. He remains in charge of a "team" with no members.

The two men who might have joined him, according to NRC people, were Myron Kratzer, a full-time consultant for International Energy Associates, and Angelo Gianbusso, head of the Washington office for Stone and Webster, a leading nuclear power architectural and engineering firm.

However, Richard Fairbanks and Gleen Schleede of the Reagan team said Kratzer was never on any list they saw, and they chose the NRC transition group. Gianbusso, Schleede said, was "one of dozens" suggested as a candidate but may have been passedd over for other reasons. "I'm sure any conflict of interest is something our lawyers would have been concerned about, however," he added.