It comes as no particular surprise, but President-elect Ronald Reagan's transition team for foreign aid is dominated by prominent leaders from the ideological conservative movement popularly known as the New Right.

Heading the team is Edwin J. Feulner, executive director of the Heritage Foundation here, which was founded by Paul Weyrich, director of the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress and receives its principal financial support from Joseph Coors, the Colorado beer mogul and bankroller of rightist causes.

Among those serving with Feulner are Jeffrey B. Gaynor, director of policy studies for Heritage; Jim Lucier, an aide to arch-conservative Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.) and a prominent opponent of many Carter administration foreign policy initiatives, and Elliott Abrams, a former aide to Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan (D-N.Y.), who supported Reagan in the campaign.

The team is charged with overseeing the transition at the International Development Corporation Agency (IDCA), which the Carter administration created to handle most of the nation's non-military, bilateral foreign assistance activities, and IDCA's two principal subagencies -- the Agency for International Development (AID) and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

IDCA's current head is Thomas Ehrlich, former dean of the Stanford University law school and an advocate of liberal development policies toward the Third World.