President-elect Ronald Reagan confirmed today that George P. Shultz and William Simon will not be in his Cabinet, but said their removal from the list of candidates will not affect the timing of the selection process.

On arriving here to attend a $2,500-a-head benefit dinner, Reagan said of the two men, who held Cabinet positions under presidents Nixon and Ford: "They will help in other ways, but they don't want to be returned to government."

Shultz had been a leading candidate to become secretary of state, and Simon had been rumored to be the next Treasury secretary. Asked if he now felt under pressure to act more swiftly in selecting and announcing Cabinet members, Reagan responded, "No, this isn't going to change the pace at all."

The president-elect just after his Nov. 4 victory said he hoped to announce his Cabinet in the last week of November or the first week of December. Although it is possible that some choices will be made public next week, it now appears certain that the full Cabinet will not be selected until later.

"I can't give you a date, but we're making progress," Reagan said.

Press secretary Lyn Nofziger confirmed that Reagan had not offered a Cabinet post to either Simon or Shultz.

He also said that Reagan telephoned Shultz today to confirm that Shultz did not want to be considered for a Cabinet position.

Reagan wore a maroon shirt and brown sports jacket as he arrived by chartered jet from Los Angeles. Nancy Reagan carried a large glass container full of red, white and blue jelly beans. Jelly beans are a favorite Reagan confection, but these appeared destined as a gift for former ambassador to Britain Walter Annenberg, at whose estate the Reagans will stay tonight before returning to Los Angeles Sunday.

At the dinner tonight to benefit the Eisenhower Memorial Hospital in this desert resort, Reagan is scheduled to present an award to comedian Bob Hope.

Reagan will meet with Gerald Ford, who now lives here, before the dinner and the former and future presidents will attend the benefit together.

Ford will introduce Reagan to the black tie audience before the evening's entertainment featuring Sammy Davis Jr. begins.