The American Family Institute, a conservative group whose stated objective is to advise the Reagan administration on selection of federal judges, yesterday named 22 people to what it called an Advisory Panel on Judicial Selection.

"We plan to hold the first meeting of the advisory panel early in January," Carl A. Anderson, president of the institute, said in announcing the formation of the panel. "Our first order of business will be to suggest the nomination of some of our own candidates for federal judgeships."

Anderson, who is an aide to Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), denied that the institute would lobby the Reagan administration not to nominate liberals to the federal bench. He said the group's goal is to make sure the views of candidates for judgeships get a full public airing.

"We think it's a healthy thing to know the stances of the candidates for judgeships on a whole range of issues," Anderson said. "Our focus will be, where do these people stand on family-related issues?"

Anderson identified family issues as those involving abortion, divorce, pornography and the rights of parents to intervene in the lives of their children.

"The courts say that parents have the authority to send children to institutions," said Victor G. Rosenblum, professor of law at Northwestern University and a member of the advisory panel. "But the courts have also told us that parents don't have to be consulted if a child wants, an abortion. Some of us are puzzled by this."

Anderson said the American Family Institute gets most of its support from some 28,000 donors. He said the rest comes from the Derance Foundation in Milwaukee and the Adolph Coors Foundation, both conservative organizations.