Nearly final results gave President Forbes Burnham's People's National Congress an overwhelming victory in elections that opposition and international observers charged were tarnished by irregularities.

Under the nation's proportional balloting system, the ruling party won 40 of the 53 seats elected directly. If trends continued in the election of 10 regional councils, where the vote count was still incomplete, the PNC could wind up with up to 53 seats in the expanded 65-member parliament.

Burnham's nonaligned socialists won 77 percent of the popular vote, compared with 20 percent for Cheddi Jagan's leftist People's Progressive Party and 3 percent for the small right-wing United Force.

The final tally gave the PNC 312,988 votes, the PPP 78,414 and United Force 11,512.

The PNC currently holds 38 seats, the PPP 11 and United Force 4.

Jagan's charges included the casting of multiple ballots by Burnham's supporters.

Prime Minister Ptolemy Reid denied that charge as well as other allegations of fraud lodged by the opposition and international observers.

Both had reported instrances of voters, mostly opposition supporters, being denied the right to vote. The observers also complained of a lack of government cooperation.