The following were named to the White House transition team yesterday:

Director: James A. Baker III, Ford's third and final 1976 campaign chairman, and Bush's 1980 presidential campaign chairman. A Houston lawyer, he has been named White House chief of staff.

Deputy director: David R. Gergen, an American Enterprise Institute fellow and former Nixon and Ford White House aide. Executive directors: Richard G. Darman, an assistant secretary of commerce under Ford, and Frank S. M. Hodsoll, a Baker assistant and Commerce Department executive under Ford. Executive assistant: John F. W. Rogers, another AEI executive who worked in the White House communication's department under Ford.

Office of presidential personnel: James Cavanaugh, a vice president of Allergram Pharmaceutical Co., who served as deputy chief of staff in the Ford White House. Office of Appointment Secretary: Terry O'Donnell, Ford's old appointment secretary, and Steve Bull, Nixon's appointment secretary, now with Philip Morris Co.

National Security Council: Richard Allen, Reagan's chief foreign affairs adviser and a foreign policy adviser during the first years of the Nixon presidency. He is president of Potomac International Corp., a Washington consulting firm.Writing and onetime aide to former senator James Buckley. Counsel to the president: Fred F. Fielding, a former deputy to John Dean and conflict-of-interest adviser on Reagan transition team.

Domestic Policy Council, and the economy: Martin Anderson, Reagan's senior domestic policy adviser, formerly a Nixon domestic adviser, and senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Secretary to the Cabinet: Robert M. Garrick, a retired admiral, close associate of Meese, and director of policy development and research for Reagan campaign.

Legislative affairs: Tom Korologos, a Nixon congressional aide, and vice president of Timmons and Co., a Washington lobbying firm, and Paul Russo, director of congressional relations for the Reagan campaign, and aide to Reagan during his years as California governor. Press Secretary: Larry Speakes, vice president of Hill and Knowlton, and a Ford assistant press secretary.

Office of Public Liaison: Richard S. Williamson, a Washington lawyer, onetime manager of the presidential campaign of Rep. Phil Crane, and the Reagan transition team's ambassador to the "New Right."

Office of the First Lady: Nancy Reynolds, a Bendix Corp. vice president long associated with Reagan.

Council on Environmental Quality: Jackee Shafer, a Senate Environment and Public Works staff member and former legislative aide to former senator Buckley.

Office of Management and Budget: William H. Taft IV, member of Ohio's Taft family and former general counsel of the old Department of Health, Education and Welfare.