China remembered Mao Tse-tung on the 87th anniversary of his birthday for his dedication to the people.

All official newspapers in Peking and state-run broadcasting stations paid tribute to Mao by publicizing a letter he wrote in 1937, during the fabled days of the Long March.

The publicity surrounding the anniversary suggests that China is not about to renounce Mao, despite criticism of his errors in his later years and the trial of his widow, Jiang Qing, and some of his closest associates during the Cultural Revolution.

The letter chosen to mark the 87th anniversary was one in which Mao told a cousin "our party is working for the nation, country and toiling people with no regard for personal interest; all are equal and work without salary."

Mao turned down favors for his relative saying, "Please tell them not to come here in the hope of jobs because we receive no salary."

Mao's successor as party chairman, Hua Guofeng, last seen in public 29 days ago, was absent from the ranks of officials who met with visiting Pakistani Foreign Minister Agha Shahi. Foreign diplomats here say Hua's unexplained disappearance indicated that his ouster may be imminent.

Meanwhile, China's Gang of Four trial was in recess for the second day after what Chinese sources called angry outbursts by Jiang Qing.