Here is a summary of the main presidential orders or declarations offered or proposed by the United States:

A formal statement that the United States will refrain from direct or indirect, political or military, interference in the internal affairs of Iran.

An order unblocking all the capital and assets of Iran within the jurisdiction of the United States, whether located in the United States or elsewhere.

An order directing the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to make available to the government of Iran all Iranian capital, assets and properties held by the bank -- approximately $2.5 billion.

An order removing all U.S. legal restrictions from an additional $3 billion on deposit with U.S. banks abroad.

A U.S. commitment to join the government of Iran in a claims-settlement procedure that would lead to the cancellation and annulment of claims against Iran by U.S. nationals, companies or agencies and entities controlled by the U.ys. government.

A presidential order revoking all economic and financial sanctions imposed against Iran since the taking of the hostages in November 1979.

A declaration committing the United States to withdraw all claims against Iran in the International Court of Justice and to refrain from pursuing any claims relating to injuries connected with the taking of the hostages.

An order prohibiting the transfer out of the United States of any properties of the late Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and requiring that information held by U.S. nationals or in the U.S. government's financial records that might help trace the shah's properties in the United States be complied for delivery to Iran.

This order will also inform U.S. courts that the government believes any Iranian government decrees or judgments relating to the shah's properties may be enforced by federal judges.