This is a partial log of observations made during a 61-minute period on a recent Saturday afternoon by a reporter detailing activity in the 900 block of O Street NW and adjacent Columbia Street, one of the city's busiest drug-dealing centers.

1:10 -- A yellow Porsche with Virginia tags parks at Columbia and O streets. A man wearing a beige jacket and hooded green sweat shirt hands the driver two tiny, light-colored pills. The driver hands the dealer a roll of bills. They smile, shake hands and the sports car pulls away.

1:16 -- A red Chevy pulls into Columbia Street. A dealer wearing a worn black leather jacket climbs into the car and it pulls away.

1:21 -- A battered green Buick with D.C. tags pulls into Columbia Street and then U-turns into Naylor Court. A man at the curb detaches himself from a group of dealers, walks to the car and leans into the window briefly.

1:22 -- A black Ford truck with Virginia plates drives east on O Street and stops near Columbia. A dealer wearing a bright yellow-plaid coat gets out of the truck. He goes to Naylor Court and returns with a woman wearing a two-tone beige hat and a quilted vest. She reaches into her vest pocket and passes a small package to the driver.

1:25 -- A man in a Buick with Virginia tags parks on O Street at Naylor Court. He gets out and talks to the dealer in the black leather jacket. Then he turns and walks down Columbia Street.

1:29 -- The dealer in the yellow-plaid jacket gets back into the black truck and drives toward 9th Street.

1:32 -- A late-model blue Toyota rolls slowly down the street and steps at Naylor Court. The driver parks and waits.

1:35 -- A blue Volkswagen with Virginia plates stops at Columbia and O streets. A woman wearing a long black coat and a colorful scarf approaches the car and leans into the window. She looks puzzled and returns to her station by Naylor Court. The VW backs up and parks. The female driver hands four or five bills to the passenger, a man with a short beard. They wait. The driver lights a cigarette and the couple get out of the car and walk west on O Street. They talk to several dealers near 10th Street.

1:40 -- A yellow VW with Utah plates drives west on O Street and pulls into Columbia Street. Three men sit in the car with the motor running.

1:49 -- The red Chevy returns, and the dealer in the leather jacket gets out.

1:50 -- The VW couple return to their car, and the man talks to the dealer in the leather jacket.

1:52 -- The yellow VW continues to wait.

1:53 -- The woman with the colorful scarf approaches the yellow VW and talks with the driver.

1:55 -- A second red Chevy drives slowly down the street, pausing often.

2:01 -- It comes back down the street and picks up a dealer from Naylor Court and drives west.

2:03 -- A black VW with Virginia plates drives slowly down the street toward 10th and parks near the corner. The driver waits.

2:08 -- Two men in a light brown car with West Virginia tags pull into Columbia Street, across from the car with Utah tags. The passenger jumps out and sprints toward Naylor Court. He talks with a man there.

2:11 -- The sprinter returns to his car and leaves.