WELL, WHY not Landover for the gala celebration of the next president's inauguration? Where better? A headline in a local newspaper -- this one, unfortunately -- said, in an uncharacteristic lapse, "'Ugly Sister' to Host Inauguration Gala." That was an unfortunate choice of phrase, whic, in fact, does not reflect our true estimation and understanding of the situation. (And why, by the way, are only sisters and ducklings ugly? Can you answer that one for us, ungainly brothers?)

Some readers wondered whether the offending headline had not perhaps written by someone who lives in Montgomery County, the neighbor and rival to Prince George's County, where Landover finds itself. That's a possibility, but we haven't looked into it.

In fact, if an incoming president wanted a party in a community that reflected the astounding diversity of the country itself, he would naturally go to Prince George's. People of many races, colors and conditions live in this fine setting in the same rough harmony that prevails throughout the country as a whole, quarreling over schools, taxes and street repairs no more than most Americans do. Some are poor. Some are not. Some live in this area's largest concentration of first-rate academic intellect, around the campus of the University of Maryland. Some prefer to live on the river. If you wish to tether your small but tasteful yacht at your front door, you might look for a house along the inlets of southern Prince George's -- as long as price is no particular object.

In an incoming president, a taste for diversity is not all a bad thing. But perhaps the people organizing this party chose Landover simply because it's one of the few places in the metropolitan area that people from out of town can find without a compass and a set of directions that looks like a psychological test.As for that regrettable phrase about the sister, we apologize. Really.