I thank you for your letters, telegrams and thoughts. They have come from all over the world, including every part of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. This was a consolation to me, since both John and I believed in brother and sisterhood that goes beyond race, color and creed. They have come from all walks of life, including from those who are in prison. The kind letters from prisons especially warmed my heart.

I thank you for sending your checks to Spirit Foundation. It came in 50 cents, one dollars, five dollars, and has now reached 100 thousand dollars in total. John and I kept the Spirit Foundation staff to the minimum: John, I and a lawyer friend. All three of us, naturally, were unpaid. All expenses were paid out of John's and my own pockets. Since there is no reason to change this good system now or ever in the future, your money, every penny of it plus the interest it generates will go straight to the people in need at the end of the year. In order to maintain the simple and effective operation, Spirit Foundation has not and will not authorize or participate in any outside activity or merchandising.

I thank you for your concern for people who are making money on John's name after his death. There are some of you who feel guilty about receiving paychecks for the Lennon articles you have written for the media. Do not feel guilty. People who wish to do business in a small scale in tribute to John, using his name but in good taste: you have my blessings. Remember, John was a man with a great sense of humour and understanding. "Whatever gets you through your life," he would say. He would have felt better that you had a nice meal on him than if you had wallowed in guilt. Spend well for your children and love ones. If there is any left, give to the ones who are in need. Do not ask for my authorization of your ventures, though, since it will be unfair to give to one and not to the others. Individuals and corporations who wish to exploit John's name in a large scale: I ask your voluntary act to report to me of your intentions and plans, respecting the feelings and legal rights of his family, and make arrangements to satisfy them.

I thank you for your feeling of anger for John's death. I share your anger. I am angry at myself for not having been able to protect John. I am angry at myself and at all of us for allowing our society to fall apart to this extent. The only "revenge" that would mean anything to us, is to turn the society around in time, to one that is based on love and trust as John felt it could be. The only solace is to show that it could be done, that we could be done, that we could create a world of peace on earth for each other and for our children.

If all of us just loved and cared for one person each. That is all it takes. Love breeds love. Maybe then, we will be able to prevent each other from going insane. Maybe then, we will be able to prevent each other from becoming violent, as violence is in our hearts and not in the weapons. Guilt is not in the one who pulls the trigger, but in each of us who allows it.

When John fell right beside me, I felt like we were in a guerilla war, not knowing who or where the enemy was. I kept telling my staff, who were hiding razors and newspaper articles from me, to show me everything: every telegram, every letter and every message. I was in the dark. I had to know. I saw the death photo. John looked peaceful, like in the back of the Imagine cover. Are you trying to tell me something, John? I saw the photo where he signed the autograph. It was flashed on the TV again and again. Somehow that photo was harder for me to look at than the death photo. John was in a hurry that afternoon. He did not have to give his autograph but he did, while the man watched him, the man who was to betray John later. I looked at the photo. I noticed that it was the photograph shown on TV where John's head was bent forward, obviously to sign his name. But it was a strange posture for John to show. Then I realized that he was signing for the gate of heaven.

John and I believed that we were one mind taking two bodies at this time "for convenience," "and it's more fun," as he put it. Lately, we were calling ourselves "the group," because of the recording. "I like both of you," he used to tease me. For the past five years, I was working downstairs in my office during the day, and John, upstairs in the apartment. Now I am still downstairs and he is in the big upstairs.

I felt that I owed this letter to you. This may not answer all your questions but it is the best I can do now. This is also in place of giving interviews, personal appearances, and private talks which many of you have asked for. I would like to have some time to myself.

Remember, there's nothing you can do that can't be done. Imagine, Love, Yoko