Washington will get its first glimpse of the freed American hostages tomorrow afternoon when a motorcade of buses will take the returnees from Andrews Air Force Base to the White House for a presidential reception.

The former hostages, scheduled to arrive at 12:30 p.m., will move slowly in their motorcade toward the White House. They will head out of Andrews to Suitland Parkway, over the South Capitol Street Bridge to Canal Street, down Independence Avenue to 3rd Street SW and north to Pennsylvania Avenue, where they will follow the inaugural parade route around the Treasury Building to the North Portico of the White House.

Temperatures tomorrow should range between 52 and 56 most of the day, with a slight chance of rain forecast by the National Weather Service.

Police and Air Force officials advise that the air base will be off limits to all civilians except members of the press. Vantage points to watch the motorcade will be available along Suitland Parkway, but U.S. Park Police said that motorists will not be allowed to park their cars on the grassy shoulders of the roads. People will be allowed to sit on the parkway's grassy knolls at a safe distance, police said.

Other vantage points will be the pedestrian walkway on the South Capitol Street Bridge, Canal Street behind the Rayburn House Office Building and anywhere along last Tuesday's Inaugural parade route.