News photographer Olivier Rebbot, 31, who was shot last month while covering the civil war in El Salvador, died last night of his injuries at Hialeah Hospital near Miami.

Rebbot, a freelance photographer who worked primarily for Newsweek magazine, covered many major news stories in recent years, including the Iranian revolution and political conflicts in the Middle East and Latin America.

He was the third foreign correspondent to be killed in the Salvadoran fighting. Two others have disappeared, and several have been wounded. Several Salvadoran journalists also have been killed, wounded or arrested.

Rebbot, a French citizen, was born in Paris and raised in North Africa. He had lived in New York for the past nine years.

The photographer was shot July 15 while accompanying a government patrol fighting guerrillas about 100 miles east of San Salvador, the capital. He was flown to Florida the following day, and his doctors said they thought he would recover. Friends said Rebbot died of a hemorrhage.

Three days before Rebbot was shot, a South African photographer was killed and two North American Photographers were wounded when their car drove over a land mine in El Salvador. Last year a Mexican journalist was killed by government troops.

Two journalists from the United States have disappeared in El Salvador where they went to cover the war between leftist insurgents and the U.S.-supported civilian military government. They are Rene Tamsen of WHUR-FM in Washington and John Sullivan who had planned to write articles for Hustler magazine.