The deadliest storm of the winter heaved torrents of ice and water over riverbanks from New England to West Virginia, sweeping away automobiles and forcing residents to evacuate. Early this morning there was no end in sight of the storm, which was blamed for at least 57 deaths.

Sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and lingering snow squalls put the final devastating touches on the storm-ravaged Northeast. Chunks of ice 15 feet high blocked some New Hampshire roadways.

The death toll for the storm reache 57 in its five-day trek across the country. Some of the deaths were freezing victims.

In Augusta, Ga., a 52-year-old man apparently froze to death after building a fire beside a city street.

A ferocious rainstorm flooded rivers from New Hampshire to West Virginia, causing millions of dollars in damage. Frigid air quickly moved in to turn the water into a deadly glaze of ice and jam rivers with ice floes.

in West Virginia, ice jams on the Greenbriar River sent water over the banks yesterday.

The Delaware River, clogged with ice, flooded streets in Port Jervis, N.Y., and Pike County, Pa., forcing the evacuation of about 3,000 people, some in rowboats.