Aaron Phillip Karber, a 5-year-old Great Falls youth, was struck and killed by a garbage truck early yesterday as he played on the driveway of his Fairfax County home.

Karber, the oldest of three Children, was apparently dead at the scene after a J.W. Kearns Trash Removal truck rolled over him at about 8:45 a.m. Police said Ralph E. Sullivan, the 20 year-old driver of the truck, had warned the youth to stay clear and will not be charged.

Neighbors said Karber, a blond, blue-eyed student at the Great Falls Christian Montessori School, was out enjoying the spring-like temperatures yesterday when the accident occurred.

"I heard my dog barking at something and I came out," said Robert Lusko, a neighbor who baby-sits for Aaron's parents, Katherine and Phillip Karber. "The [driver] got out and screamed and ran to call an ambulance."

A neighbor in the 9400 block of Lagovista Court in the Deer Park subdivision came to the child's assistance, but could get no vital signs. Karber was pronounced dead shortly afterward at Fairfax Hospital.

"He just turned 5 in January," said Lusko. "He was a great kid. He didn't care who you were . . . he'd just love you." The child's father, Phillip, said his son was due to give a piano recital for some other children this Saturday. h

Sullivan told police that he was gathering trash from a dumpster near the home's horseshoe-shaped driveway when he noticed the child. "Leave the area go into the garage," he reportedly told the youth. After the boy appeared to leave, Sullivan pulled his truck past a garage and out of the yard when he heard something, said police spokesmen.

Karber is survived by his parents, his sister Ursula, 3, and brother Alexander, 2.