Iraqi President Saddam Hussein warned Iran yesterday that his country would "sledgehammer your heads until you recognize our rights," and an Iranian communique said that Iraqi warplanes, missiles and artillery unleashed "savage" attacks on five western cities.

A communique broadcast by Tehran radio said Iraqi warplanes bombed Khorramshahr, just across the Shattal-Arab waterway from Iraq, killing 13 persons and injuring 54. The planes were also said to have hit Ilam, 25 miles east of the Iraqi border, killing four persons and injuring 70.

Iran said artillery pounded the refinery city of Abadan and the capital of oil-rich Khuzestan Province, Ahwaz, while the town of Dezful in Khuzestan was hit by surface-to surface missiles.

Saddam Hussein spoke at a mass rally near the Iraq capital of Bagdad a day after Iran rejected a plan by an Islamic goodwill mission to end the 5 1/2-month-old Persian Gulf war.

Meanwhile, in Tehran, Primce Minister Mohammed Ali Rajai bitterly accused President Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr of lying, sinning and harming the Islamic republic. Rejai's office issued the charges in a reply to a statement by Bani-Sadr that accused Rajai of sending a gang of street thugs to break up a rally of moderates at which Bani-Sadr spoke. Bani-Sadr's statement condemned those who "want to turn the Islamic republic into a republic of suppression."