President Reagan's "kitchen cabinet" -- already fighting an uphill battle to put staunch Reaganites in key government offices -- yesterday found itself put out of its own government office.

The White House needed the space, White House deputy press secretary Larry Speakes said in explaining why Reagan's millionaire buddies were being evicted from the space they had occupied in the Old Executive Office Building next door to political adviser Lyn Nofziger.

The kitchen cabinet lost a battle of legal opinions on whether a group of private citizens had the right to camp in government office space. Their antagonist reportedly was presidential counselor Edwin Meese III, who also has managed to thwart some of their suggestions for presidential appointments.

"I'm confirming that the kitchen cabinet no longer has any office in the EOB," Speakes said. "I don't know that there was any formal arrangement. These people were probably told, 'You can use this office if you like to.'

"Many of these people are friends of the president," he added. "Certainly they'll come in from time to time."

But Reagan's friends won't be out on the streets. Their next home: the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill.