Cardinal Stefan Wyazynski, Poland's 79-years-old Roman Catholic primate, is suffering from influenza but his condition is "not grave," church sources said today.

Wzszynski is spiritual leader of Poland's Roman Catholics, who comprise 90 percent of the nation's 36 million people.

Meanwhile, Solidarity free trade union leader Lech Walesa called on the government in a nationally televised interview tonight to break down the wall of popular distrust by making reforms and solving problems without being pressured.

Walesa, whose views were echoed in the national press today, said his union had so far achieved everything through confrontation. He added that it was time that the government, not his union, took the initiative to prove its commitment of political renewal.

"If the government gave society some of the things which are socially justified, and even things which Solidarity has not demanded, then people might regain their confidence in the authorities," he said.

Asked about the call from the Sejm (parliament) for 60 strike-free days, Walesa said Solidarity wanted peace but also wanted a strong government.

"The government must come up with something, with an initiative, with a gesture which is not squeezed out by us . . . then we will believe there is a renewal this time," Walesa said.

Walesa said a recent leadership shakeup inside Solidarity was a direct consequence of differences between those who believed in confrontation and those who were tired of it.