Members of the National Cartoonists Society of America have sent their prayers, their best wishes and some imaginative color drawings to a convalescing President Reagan.

"Aware of the president's interest in doodling and the art of cartooning, we thought that the enclosed drawings from 12 of our award-winning cartoonists would please him," said the society's "scribe," Marge Duffy Devine, in a letter sent to Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger.

John Cullen Murphy, president of the society, drew a strip in which "Sir Ronald," on "one of his frequent trips to the Middle Ages in search of new ideas," holds a friendly conversation with a mailed Prince Valiant.

"I've already got a horse," he tells Valiant. "But I'l trade you my turtleneck for your chain mail."

Mort Walker, who draws Beetle Bailey, checked in with a cartoon that shows Sgt. Snorkel kicking a soldier out of bed and barking, "You're getting well today, that's an order."

Dik Browne's Hagar toasts Reagan with a poem: "You're tough as nails and much to my liking. I hereby name you an honorary Viking."

Most the cartoonists similarly praise the president.

Charles Schulz's Snoopy, dressed in his familiar costume as a World War I flying ace, says, "It's always a pleasure to salute our commander-in-chief."

Blondie, in behalf of cartoonists Dean Young and Jim Raymond, declares: "Dagwood joins me in hoping that your recovery will be the speediest in the annals of medical history."

And Milton Caniff has Steve Canyon, in mock anger, demand in behalf of "dirty fingernail cartoonists" to reveal who is writing his hospital one-liners.Noting the president's habit of producing doodles at Cabinet meetings, Caniff warns: "You'll have to join the union if you're going to muscle in on our dodge."

Only one of the dozen cartoonists mentions the president's economic program.Johnny Hart mixes comic strips to have B. C. urge the Wizard of Id to whip up a potion to balance the budget and fix the economy.

"If I could do that, would I be working out of a dump like this?" the wizard replies.

"Wishing you a fast and full recovery -- we need you," Hart signs the cartoon, "with love."