The city energy office released a list yesterday of 49 service stations that will accept dirty, used engine oil from motorists who change to save energy and combat a practice that officials say may be the leading contaminant of waterways in the District of Columbia.

More than 2,000 gallons of used engine oil is disposed of improperly in the city each day by the growing number of motorists who are changing their own oil to save money, according to D.C. energy chief Chuck Clinton, who made the announcement. Clinton estimated that 60 percent of the city's motorists now change their own oil, most of them simply dumping the old oil in vacant lots, streets and sinks.

The used oil that is collected will be sold at a low price by the service stations to middlemen, who in turn will sell it to reprocessing plants where it will be cleaned. Then it will be sold again as heavy heating oil. Clinton said city motorists generate 1.5 million gallons of used oil a year, enough to heat 1,500 houses for a year.

"This is a major pollution control and energy saving program in which every motorist in the District can participate with just a small amount of effect," Clinton said. He said there is no law in the city prohibiting the dumping of used engine oil. "We're appealing to people's sense of community."

The District is the last major jurisdiction in the Washington area to launch an official engine oil recycling program. A 3-year-old law in Maryland, for example, mandates a $250 fine for illegally dumping used engine oil, according to Richard Keller of the state energy office. Keller said second offenders can be fined $1,000 and sent to jail for up to two months. He said last night he did not know if anyone has actually served time for the offense.

Some 700 service stations in Maryland -- about 75 of them in Montgomery and Prince George's counties -- serve an official oil-collecting points, Keller said. Any store in Maryland that sells motor oil must post a sign telling where it can legally be disposed of when used.

Keller said the law resulted in a dramatic increase in the quantity of motor crankcase and other oil collected statewide -- from 2.7 million gallons in 1978 to 3.9 million in 1980. A study of 1,200 Maryland drivers last year showed that 36 percent of the state's motorists were changing their own oil, and slightly more than half of these were disposing of it illegally.

"Almost half the people didn't know the law existed," Keller said.

Motorists who have their oil changed by service stations -- about 62 percent in Maryland but only 40 percent in the District -- don't have to worry about disposing of the oil. The service stations automatically collect and sell it to middlemen or reprocessors.

Virginia has no law similar to Maryland's, but officials in Fairfax and Arlington counties and in Alexandria said it is illegal to dump oil anywhere that it might contaminate the water system in their jurisdictions. These jurisdictions have arranged with most service stations within their borders to accept used oil from do-it-yourself motorists, and they have conducted publicity campaigns urging motorists to cooperate.

Here is the list of cooperating service stations in the District released by Clinton's office yesterday: Northwest D.C.

Rock Creek Gulf, 1827 Adams Mill Rd. NW; Call Carl Inc. No. 14, 3535 Connecticut Ave. NW; Carson's Texaco, 5420 New Hampshire Ave. NW; Simm's Amoco No. 2, 8728 Georgia Ave. NW; Tower's Exxon, 2009 18th St. WN; 4th and K Exxon Inc, 816 K St. NW; Embassy Gulf, 2200 P St. NW; Sear's Auto's Center, 4500 Wisconsin Ave. NW;

Bill's Gulf Service Centr, 5120 Georgia Ave, NW; Putnam's Exxon Service Center, 6350 Georgia Ave. NW; Call Carl No. 5 (Exxon), 2114 M St. NW; Ohler's Shell Service, 6419 Georgia Ave. NW; L & G American Service Station, 4100 Kansas Ave. NW; MacArthur Service Center, 5101 MacArthur Blvd. NW; Besham's Gulf Inc., 2137 Virginia Ave. NW; Key Bridge Exxon, 5607 M St. NW; Downtown Amoco, 1300 L St. NW;

Newman Texaco, 5601 Georgia Ave. NW; Calvert Auto Supply, 2501 Champlain St. NW; Bracmort's Amoco, 3054 Mt. Pleasant St. NW; Call Carl Inc. No. 3 (Exxon), 5030 Connecticut Ave. NW; Call Carl Inc. No. 12 (Exxon), 4244 Wisconsin Ave. NW; Georgetown Amoco, 2715 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Northeast D.C.

Call Carl Inc. No. 11, 1801 West Virginia Ave. NE; Patrick's Amoco Inc., 1396 Florida Ave. NE; Cummings Sunoco, 6450 Georgia Ave. NE; Willis Service Inc., 10th & Michigan Ave. NE; Market Exxon Service Center, 400 Florida Ave, NE; Truxton Exxon Service Center, 1 Florida Ave. NE; Davis Gulf Service Center, 1301 Kenilowth Ave. NE; Lincoln Exxon Service Center, 101 Florida Ave. NE; "C" Waddy Exxon Automotive Center, 5315 North Capitol St. NE.

Ronnie's Amoco, 3017 12th St. NE; Sears Auto Center, 911 Bladensburg Rd. NE; Patrick's Amoco Inc., 1396 Florida Ave. NE; Mathis Amoco, 2210 Bladensburg Rd. NE; South Dakota Shell, 5585 South Dakota Ave. NE; Parkway Texscare Center, 1765 New York Ave. NE; Forname Amoco, 2712 Bladenburg Rd. NE. Southeast D.C.

Wilson Exxon, 900 11th St. SE; Distad's Amoco, 823 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; J & A Enterprise, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; Sears Auto Center, 2845 Alabama Ave. SE; Southeast Shell Auto Care, 2501 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; Gouldin's Exxon, 3825 Alabama Ave. SE. Southwest D.C.

Bouldin's Exxon Station, 3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SW; Call Carl No. 7 (Repair Facility), Half and L Streets SW; L'Enfant Plaza Exxon, 970 D St. SW.