The head of the Ku Klux Klan in Texas says he is ready for reconciliation with Vietnamese fishermen, claiming most of his demands have been met for protection of native Texan fishing rights against allegedly unfair refugee competition.

But Texas KKK Grand Dragon Louis Beam said of attorney Morris Dees, who is representing the Vietnamese in a lawsuit against the Klan and native of Texas fishermen: "We are implacable enemies and that has to continue."

Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Ala., has started a special project called "Klanwatch" to oppose the Klan.

Dees went before U.S. District Court Judge Gabrielle McDonald yesterday seeking a protective order guaranteeing his and his client's safety during the lawsuit, which seeks an injunction prohibiting violence against the Vietnamese.

McDonald issued the injunction, enjoining Beam and the KKK from contacting, attempting to contact, observing or in any way threatening the Vietnamese or their attorneys.

The judge did not order protection for the attorneys and their clients, however, indicating she did not feel it was needed.

Beam said most of the Vietnamese fisherman had offered to leave coastal fishing, which many Texans complain is overcrowded with refugees; that the Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife Agency had begun enforcing laws, and that the state legislature has restricted fishing permits.