Doctors at George Washington University Hospital are cautiously allowing White House press secretary James S. Brady to sit up and move around in bed, and there has been no sign so far of any more leakage of fluid from inside his skull.

"Tonight he's going to have dinner out of bed, in a chair," said Brady's neurosurgeon, Dr. Arthur I. Kobrine, yesterday.

"It looks like things are sealed. Whether this is forever, or whether it changes when we move him around, we'll have to see. . . ."

Kobrine began lifting restrictions on Brady's activity Monday, after a cross-sectional X-ray showed that no further air had collected around his brain.

Brady had spent two weeks lying in one position to allow healing of a passage that led from his nose through the sinuses to the interior of his skull.

Kobrine said he had stepped up Brady's physical therapy, and that he is able to move his left leg more than he could two weeks ago. He said Brady can now flex the leg at the hip and move it from side to side.

He said Brady still can only move his left arm slightly.

Kobrine said it would be up to physical therapists to determine how long it would be before Brady tries walking with a cane.