Two former presidents left Bolivia today for Argentina following an unsuccessful military uprising aimed at toppling the government of Gen. Luis Garcia Meza.

President Garcia Meza said at a press conference that Gen. Hugo Banzer and Gen. Alberto Natusch Busch, whom he described as "disturbing elements," had gone to Argentina.

He did not give a reason for their departure, and only said Gen. Banzer, who ruled Bolivia from 1971 to 1978, had left Bolivia voluntarily.

Gen. Natusch who briefly ruled the country following a coup in November 1979, was reported by his family to have been arrested yesterday after the failed uprising led by Col. Emilio Lanza.

Earlier Lanza gave himself up after has call for the overthrow of the government had failed.

Presidential Press Secretary Fernando Palacios said Lanza had reported to the command of the 7th Army Division, and would be tried under military law.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Lanza said key Army divisions supported the move to oust the president and "to clean the stain left on the armed forces by drug traffic and misrule."

Gen. Garcia Meza's administration has been accused frequently of involvement in the country's booming cocaine trade since it came to power in a coup last July.