A Fairfax, Va. woman who sued 13 asbestos manufacturers on the grounds that her husband's work with their insulation products caused his death, agreed yesterday to a $212,000 settlement in the case, which was expected to go to trial in U.S. District Court Monday.

Joel Hubbard had worked as a pipe fitter and insulator in the Washington area for 35 years, until his death at age 64 in 1979, according to attorney Peter C. DePaolis, who represented Hubbard's widow, Elsie, along with attorney Joseph H. Koonz Jr. Koonz said the lawsuit contended that the asbestos manufacturers failed to warn workers of the dangers of exposure to asbestos and did not take steps to properly safeguard them.

In February 1973, Hubbard was told that he was suffering from asbestosis, a disease attributed to the accumulation of tiny asbestos fibers in the lungs. DePaolis said that in 1978, Hubbard also was told that he had lung cancer, which DePaolis contended also was caused by exposure to asbestos.

DePaolis said the settlement will be paid jointly by all 13 asbestos manufacturers named as defendants. The Hubbard case is one of several asbestosis suits filed in Washington and the only one to be settled.

According to Koonz, a "substantial portion" of the settlement will be paid by Johns-Manville Corp., of Denver.