A Washington physician was sentenced by a U.S. District judge yesterday to pay a $9,000 fine and perform 250 hours of community service in connection with an alleged scheme in which he sold false and inflated medical reports and bills to lawyers who then submitted the information to insurance companies for payment.

The defendant, Dr. Thomas Marshall Dent III, had pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of filing a false claim with the government.

The prosecution said it could not determine how much money Dent collected through false claims.

The case is part of an ongoing investigation by federal law enforcement authorities into possible fraudulent insurance schemes involving doctors and lawyers. A grand jury last March indicted Dent on 15 counts of mail fraud and one count of filing a false claim. The other 14 mail fraud counts were dismissed at the government's behest in exchange for Dent's guilty pleas. Dent's office is at 307 M St. NW.

Judge John Garrett Penn sentenced Dent to a suspended sentence of two concurrent terms of 16 to 48 months in jail, ordered him to pay the $9,000 fine, placed him on three years' probation and said he must provide 250 hours of community service.