Following are plans that some Washington-area airlines are making in preparation for a possible strike of air traffic controllers on Monday. Keep in mind that most of these schedules will be put into effect not when the strike is announced but when a FAA directive suspends all regular flight operations. Call each airline for the latest information before you leave for the airport:

Allegheny Commuter Airlines: Ransome Airlines, the largest of the 11 Allegheny Commuter Airlines, will cancel all its 19 daily flights between Philadelphia and National Airport. Most other smaller commuter airlines will also have to close down during the strike.

Americans Airlines: Currently booking contigency flights. Current schedule of 29 flights from the three local airports cut to 9 flights from National (Nashville, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis), 2 from Dulles (Los Angeles) and none from Baltimore-Washington International. No baggage transfers to other airlines and any child under 12 must be accompanied by someone else at least 12 years old to fly during the period.

Braniff: Will be double-booking passengers both on regular flights and contingency flights. Of their normal 13 daily flights from Dulles and National, they will nbe able to operate 5 out of National (Nashville and Memphis). All their Dulles flights, including service to South America, will be suspended.

Delta Airlines: 16 daily departures from National cut to one flight to Atlanta. At BWI and 11 flights cut to 7 (Atlanta, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale). Encouraging customers to book regular and contingency flights.

Eastern Airlines: Their one Dulles flight to Atlanta is canceled in the event of a strike. Seventy regular flights from National -- including the New York Shuttle -- will be cut to 17. Instead of the shuttle, there will be two scheduled flights a day from D.C. to LaGuardia.

New York Air: Normal 14 flights between here and New York will be cut to three round trips between New York and Washington (at 9 a.m., 5:50 p.m. and 9:05 p.m.).

Northwest Orient: They have 23 flights out of National and 3 out of Dulles and have prepared four contingency plans, one of which will be decided on Monday if the strike is called. No contingency flights are being booked for passengers yet.

Ozark: Currently have two flights from National to St. Louis, which they will be able to keep under the contingency plan, just at different times. Their four flights from BWI will be suspended.

Page Airways: They don't feel their charter flights will be affected, nor will the private planes they service.

Pan Am: Booking contingency flights along with regular flights. Their regular 11 flights from National will be cut to five (Miami, Orlando, Tampa, New York). Their nightly 747 flight to London from Dulles will be unaffected.

Piedmont: Taking normal reservations and not releasing any contingency information.

TWA: Booking regular flights, and not releasing any contingency information now. Their international flights will not be affected by the strike.

US AIR: Have several plans in the works, but won't decide final plan until Sunday, when extra personnel on duty will start calling passengers holding reservations.

United Airlines: Started booking seats yesterday on the 16 contingency flights from National and Dulles they will be alloted by FAA (the normal number is 29). There will be departures for Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Cleveland, Huntsville, Ala. and Knoxville. At BWI they will operate seven flights (against 12 regularly) to Chicago and Denver.