U.S. special envoy Philip C. Habib returned here yesterday after traveling to Syria, Israel and twice to Saudi Arabia in his so-far unsuccessful search for a peaceful settlement to the Syrian missile crisis.

Habib, who began his second peace mission to the Middle East in the past two months on June 9, made no comment at the airport and went straight to the residence of outgoing U.S. Ambassador John Gunther Dean.

There has been no indication that Habib has made any progress in getting Syria to remove the ground-to-air missiles it introduces into Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in late April after Israel shot down two Syrian helicopters there, Washington Post correspondent David Ottaway reported.

Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin has repeatedly warned that Israel will destroy the missiles if Habib fails in his mission, but Israel is not expected to take any action now before scheduled elections June 30.

Habib arrived in Lebanon as a four-nation Arab League committee seeking to put an end to factional strife in Lebanon prepared to hold a second metting in the Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah.

Meanwhile, Iraq, addressing and emergency meeting of the Arab Parliamentary Federation, called on Arab oil producers to boycott the United States to protest U.S. refusal to go along with Arab demands for mandatory United Nations sanctions against Israel in relation for its raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor outside Baghdad.