AN UPBEAT drum roll, if you please, for an all-star honor roll of local teen-agers who -- in three distinctly different ways -- are doing the town proud wherever their travels take them. We present this trilogy of teens as evidence that more than a few young people these days are up to no bad. On television, on the road and on the live international stage, three separate performances of young champions from Greater Washington merit attention and applause:

For varsity academics, the most popular interscholastic competition in this area is a television tradition: "It's Academic," the fast-paced high school quiz program that will complete its 20th season on WRC-TV tonight at 7:30 p.m. This year's Washington champions are three young women from the Holton-Arms School -- Page West, Barbara Cuthill and Ami Kim -- who will take on the top team from Baltimore's series in a "super bowl" contest. As always, the instant-recall abilities of these bright students will embarrass many adults who like to think of themselves as quick on the intellectual draw; but since the original telecast with the program's first and only moderator, Mac McGarry, a whole generation of graduates has joined the ranks of local adults. And along the way, scholarship contributions of more than $750,000 have been made to schools by the program's sponsor, Giant Food. t

For junior high school achievement, we direct you downtown, where the award-winning Shaw Junior High School Band -- following in the high steps of Cardozo, Woodson and other great city-school marching bands -- has been selected to participate in Philadelphia's annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. These performers are young, but their uniforms are not: after 15 years, it's time for new uniforms, and a fund-raising drive is on. Band director Lloyd W. Hoover is personally taking calls at 673-7203, and any checks made out to the Shaw Junior High School General Fund will help make this the grand occasion it should be for these youngsters.

For a sensational individual accomplishment, 17-year-old Amanda McKerrow of Rockville and the Washington Ballet has captured worldwide attention with a rare triumph for an American ballerina: she captured a first-place gold medal in the prestigious Moscow International Ballet Competition in the Bolshoi Theater. Miss McKerrow also captured the hearts of expert Russian critics and spectators.

In all, this is an impressive set of accomplishments by area teen-agers -- and we're pleased to cite them for appreciative cheers from a proud community.