Police seeking a fugitive in a New Jersey drug case said they discovered 63 bales of marijuana valued at about $800,000 and nearly $50,000 in cash Thursday when they raided a house in Centreville.

Police said the marijuana -- about 2,800 pounds of it -- is among the largest amounts ever seized in Fairfax County.

Virginia state police and officers from Fairfax and Arlington counties went to the house at 6766 Bull Run Post Office Road with a search warrant for Clark Van Dresser Smith 30. He was wanted for jumping a $30,000 bond in Burlington County, N.J., four years ago after being convicted of possessing 1,000 pounds of marijuana and three ounces of cocaine, police said.

While on the premises, police said they found the marijuana bales in the basement and the money in a box in a den. Officers then "secured" the house and returned about two hours later, after getting a search warrant for the marijuana and money.

Smith and Deborah Freeman, 26, of the same address, were charged with marijuana possession with intent to distribute. Swift was held without bond, and Freeman under $250,000 bond.

Fairfax County police spokesman Bill Brown said Swift was the first person in Northern Virginia to be the object of a search -- rather than arrest -- warrant under a new state law that enables police to obtain warrants to search premises for suspects. The law went into effect July 1.