Philip Berrigan and the Rev. Daniel Berrigan were sentenced to three to 10 years in prison yesterday for a break-in at a General Electric plant in a protest over the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Montgomery County Judge Samuel W. Salus immediately revoked bail for the Berrigan brothers and six co-defendants convicted with them. All eight were led from the courtroom by Sheriff's officers as supporters recited the Lord's Prayer and sang hymns.

"The bottom line is that the defendants violated criminal law, and liberty has its bounds," Salus said before imposing sentence.

The stiffest sentence went to the Berrigans, the Rev. Carl Kabat and John Schuchardt. Attorney Charles Glackin said all the sentences would be appealed.

All eight defendants were sentenced to five to 10 years' probation for criminal conspiracy. Salus suspended sentences for criminal mischief convictions.

Dean Hammer of New Haven, Conn.; Elmer Maas of New York City and Sister Anne Montgomery of New York were sentenced to 1 1/2 to five years in prison. Molly Rush of Pittsburgh was sentenced to two to five years.

The convictions arose from a break-in last September at the GE Re-entry Division assembly plant in King of Prussia, where missile guidance system are made.