The medical history of Dennis McNell, the deceased 42-year-old brother of two missing Wall Stret stockbrokers who charges toppled a senior CIA official last month, included severe cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and diabetes, all of which could have figured significantly in his death June 1, according to New York law enforcement authorities.

The physician attending Dennis McNell's death, Dr. Michael Plokamakis, told a Wall Street Journal reporter that McNell was "living on borrowed time" when his spleen reportedly ruptured after an evening jog on May 31.

"The slightest scratch from any food could open up bleeding in his esophagus," the doctor was quoted as saying. "He was a man who was going to die."

The stockbrokers, Thomas R. McNell and Samuel F. McNell, alleged that they engaged in improper stock trading practices with Max Hugel during the mid-1970s. Hugel, chief of CIA covert operations, resigned after The Washington Post published the charges.

Thomas and Samuel McNell said they were distressed by the death of their brother, but knew of no evidence of foul play.

The McNells are now missing along with about $3.3 million in assets from two companies they controlled, Triad Energy Corp. and Everest Petroleum Co.