Chinese Foreign Minister Huang Hua will visit Washington in October to continue high-level talks, a senir U.S. official declared last night.

Speaking to reporters accompanying Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. home from a foreign ministers' conference in Cancun, Mexico, the "senior official" said Huang's visit will follow a September visit here by Liu Huaqing, vice chief of staff of the Chinese Army.

In keeping with the Reagan administrations's recently announced policy of supplying arms to China, Liu is expected to present Peking's arms requests. The U.S. official said Liu would leave Washington with "an understanding of what we are prepared to offer" but that "large and dramatic" sales are not expected.

The Washington visit of Huang is likely to center on broader political coordination. Haig held "extensive" side talks with the Chinese foreign minister during the Cancun meeting which they both attended, reporters were told.

Another side discussion by Haig at Cancun was with Indian Foreign Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao. The Indian reportedly expressed concern about the newly announced U.S. military aid to Pakistan, especially the planned supply of high-performance F16 fighters. Haig reportedly told the Indian, "Our plans [with Pakistan] do not include anything which would represent a threat to India."