Clearing away pending business before the August recess, the Senate approved a flock of nominations late last week, among them James Quello as a member of the Federal Communications Commission.

It's Quello's second term on the FCC, and his confirmation this time was a sight easier than it was in 1973, when his nomination was delayed for months because of allegations that the retired Detroit broadcaster was too closely tied to the broadcast industry, that he wasn't Democratic enough for the Democratic seat and that he had a poor civil rights record.

The Senate also confirmed Thomas Morgan Roberts as a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Charles Dempsey as inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Joseph Sickon as IG for the General Services Administration, Kathleen Bennett and John Horton as assistant administrators of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Frank Swain as chief counsel for advocacy of the Small Business Administration.

When the senators get back, they'll have more nominations cluttering up their desks: President Reagan announced his intention to nominate Ronald I. Spiers, a career foreign service officer, to be ambassador to Pakistan, replacing Arthur W. Hummel, the new ambassador to China. Reagan also nominated William C. Sherman, another career type in the foreign service, to be deputy, U.S. representative at the U.N. Security Council.