White House press secretary James S. Brady may have to under surgery again in about two weeks if his George Washington University doctors decide a leakage of brain fluid Monday must be repaired.

Brady was on the mend yesterday after suffering a prolonged epilepey-like seizure on Monday, followed by several hours under anesthesia to control the sudden attack.

His doctors moved him from a post-anesthesia recovery room back to his own room yesterday. He was in good condition and awake and talking, although still groggy much of the time from heavy medication.

Brady was making good progress, his doctors said, and was able to take fluids and medication by mouth.

A chest X-ray yesterday showed what the doctors called "a small amount of post-anesthesia atelectasis, or collapse of small air sacs in the lung." They said this "it expected to resolve uneventfully," although as a precautionary measure they started giving Brady an antibiotic.

Meanwhile, Brady was being watched closely for any more leakage of cerebrospinal, commonly called "spinal," fluid from his brain through possible air passages to his nose.

If there is significant additional leaking, the doctors said, they may perform what would probably be a two-hour operation through the nose to pack and close the air passages.